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Journal Club For Android

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Microbiology Journal Club - Gut Bacteria Growth Dynamics

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Internal medicine literature at your fingertips.

ALLHAT, JUPITER, ARDSNet, CLOSURE, WARFASA, FACTT. Let’s face it: the sea of evidence-based medicine is vast, and wading through stacks and stacks of JAMA, NEJM, and JACC just isn't feasible. What should be at the top of the reading list?

Powered by Wiki Journal Club, Journal Club for Android focuses on the top articles in internal medicine and puts landmark trials at your fingertips. Written by physicians, these article summaries are distilled into bite-size morsels that clinicians can digest quickly. Think of it as CliffsNotes for medical research.

Journal Club includes many landmark clinical trials published in the past century, focusing on the practice-changing studies that internists and medical subspecialists ought to know handily. That means we're more likely to cover the 1981 NCDS study of dialysis in ESRD, and less likely to cover your favorite study of lixisenatide in patients with diabetes that's hot off the press.

-Simple, intuitive interface
-Concise bottom lines
-Relevant major points
-Links to PubMed and primary literature
-Sort trials by name, date, specialty, and disease
-Share summaries with colleagues
-Integrated search

v1.4.1 - 2015-11-11: Small bug squashed.
v1.4.0 - 2015-10-17: Favorites, material design, & reference pop-ups.
v1.3.3 - 2015-06-11: Squashed link bug.
v1.3.2 - 2014-11-10: New logo, Android 4+ optimized.
v1.3.1 - 2014-05-21: Fixed double articles bug.
v1.3 - 2013-10-29: Improved search.
v1.2 - 2013-06-04: Minor bug fixes.
v1.1 - 2013-05-24: Search for your favorite articles! Toast notifications let you know what updates and new summaries are added. Dotted underlines for articles not yet usable.